RPC RX Program

Grady County Rx Program Framework Model 


  • Prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance abuse
  • Reduce substance abuse-related problems in communities
  • Build prevention capacity and infrastructure at the State/Tribal and community levels.
Strategic Prevention Framework Model


State Opioid Response and State Targeted Response Grants

Non-medical use of prescription drugs for ages 12-25 in Grady County.

Provides health education, promotion, and community consultation surrounding the state opioid epidemic. *These grants target healthcare practitioners, youth and young adults, older adults, and veterans in Grady County.

The Identified Priorities for SPF-RX:

Decrease nonmedical use of prescription drugs among Grady County residents aged 12 and older.

  • Increase prescriber use of the prescription monitoring program and prescribing guidelines
  • Decrease medical availability (doctor shopping) by educating the community on the prescription monitoring program


Poisoning Deaths

Eight out of ten unintentional poisoning deaths involved a prescription drug in Grady County.


The 3 most common substances in Grady County unintentional poisoning deaths were:

Prescription Painkiller Deaths

Seven out of ten deaths in Grady County involved a prescription painkiller.

Working To reduce the non-medical use of prescription drugs in Grady County

Catch the Vision!

Grady County RX Mission

Community Data Workgroup will promote the appropriate use of prescription drugs by educating the community on the dangers of the non-medical use of prescription drugs and encouraging proper disposal and storage of prescription drugs in Grady County.

Grady County RX Programs

To reduce the non-medical use of prescription drugs in Grady County.

Working together for change


Drop Box Locations

OBN dropbox locations

The OBN dropbox locations:

Chickasha Police DepartmentOklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Drop Box
2001 W. Iowa Ave.
Chickasha, OK 73018

Grady County Sheriff’s Office
302 N. 3rd Street
Chickasha, OK 73018


MedSafe Box Locations

Grady County Community Partners

Community Data Work Group

Cedar Springs Pharmacy

Regional Epidemiological Outcomes Work Group

Chickasha Clinic Pharmacy

Grand Care Pharmacy

Liberty Drug Pharmacy

Tuttle Police Department

Grady County RX Prevention Team

We are prevention educators and coordinators. 

Ashley Cline Red Rock Director of Prevention Programs

Ashley Cline

Red Rock Director of Prevention Programs

Office (405) 422-8871

Cell (405) 206-5968

Jenna Cansler SPF-PFS Coordinator

Jenna Cansler

Prevention Coordinator

Office (405) 422-8874 
Cell (405) 808-1272