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Red Rock People Meeting

What are community Coalitions?

Community coalitions are made up of community partners and local advocates, who are working at the local level to make a difference in their communities.


I want to join! How can I get involved?

Community Meetings for Yukon

Grady County Coalition-3rd Wednesday at Noon at the Canadian Valley Technology Center in Chickasha

Community Data Workgroup (CDW)-Meetings time and date can vary and the meetings are always held at the Canadian Valley Technology Center in Chickasha

Oklahoma Prevention Policy Alliance-4th Tuesday at 11:00 at Gateway to Prevention in Shawnee

Canadian County for Children & Families Coalition-2nd Tuesday at Noon at Youth & Family Services in El Reno

Yu-Can Coalition-Meetings time and date can vary and the meetings are held at the Yukon High School Gym

MPACT Coalition-Meetings time and date can vary and the meetings are held at the Mustang High School Gym

Regional Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (REOW)-Meets quarterly


The Clinton RPC covers Beckham, Blaine, Caddo, Custer, Dewey, Greer, Kiowa, Roger Mills, and Washita Counties. Below are the meetings that we attend on a monthly basis (listed in previous email-let me know if I need to send again). Please join us at any of our meetings. Be a partner in our efforts to help safely dispose of, use and store your medications to help keep your community and family safer as well as take part in activities that will prevent our local youth from engaging in underage alcohol use like alcohol compliance checks.

Red Rock Meeting
Red Rock Meeting


The Partnership for Success Grant (PFS) covers Grady County and focuses on the non-medical use of prescription drugs.  If you are interested, join us at our monthly Community Data Workgroup meetings and become a partner in our prevention efforts to help keep the community safe by safely using, safely storing, and safely disposing of your medications.


Some encouraging words from people who have participated in our meetings and with our programs.

"We partner with the CDW to gain insight on what is happening in Grady County. From this partnership we have become educated in the prescription drug prevention efforts and also provide a safer method of storing the prescription drugs our kids use in our programs."

Lewis Knisley

Executive Director, Chickasha YMCA

The Canadian County Coalition values the partnership with Red Rock RPC for the work they do to support healthy living for all citizens of Canadian County.

Cindy Bacon

Chair of Canadian County Coalition for Children and Families

MedSafe Disposal Box:  “Not only can the drug drop-off program help to protect our community, it can deter the abuse or use of prescription drugs by unintended parties — including our youth.”

Chief Cluck

Law Enforcement